Here’s a piece in GQ about the time I went to a gun show.

Here’s a piece in GQ about the NFL RedZone.

My old story “Trouble and the Shadowy Deathblow,” originally pubbed in One Story, now up at Electric Lit.

Talkin’ to the radical Scott Simon on Talk of the Nation.

"Thank You for Killing My Novel" at Salon.

Me talkin’ about FIBs (and being one) on Wisconsin Public Radio.

An excerpt from This Bright River called "Las Casas" up at HTML Giant.

My article about water and Lake Michigan in Good Magazine.

My story "So Long, Anyway," up at The Barcelona Review.

My story "People Like Me" up at Five Chapters.

My story "Sacred Origin Story" up at Knee-Jerk.

An essay about Douglas Adams up at Largeheartedboy.

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